Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Product Review: Cellulean

Don't ask me why I did it--to this day I couldn't telly you why, but I actually went ahead and ordered this stuff called Cellulean soon after my debacle with the Cellex C trial.

Now before I go on with my rant, I just want to inform any interested parties that Cellulean is can be found here, and can not only get rid of cellulite, it can also make you thinner too.

You read correctly.

Cellulean promised to be the end all be all of every cellulite product known to has been featured on CBS, FOX TV, ABC and NBC, and the website, actually has a couple of news reel clips where supposed real people talk about the benefits of using Cellulean.

Now, granted, Cellulean is very expensive at almost seventy dollars (plus ten dollars shipping and handling) and Cellulean didn't really have the ingredients on my list, but there was so much, I dunno, promised in those ads, that I just had to try it--I mean, I had to...

And what did I discover?

After paying top dollar and waiting the two weeks they promised, once again, I see nothing happening with my cellulite--absolutely nothing.

How do I keep getting suckered in like this?

What am I missing?

I actually feel like crying right now and I don't know what I am going t o do at this point....