Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Product Review: Cellex C

Although it sounds like the name of a futuristic robot, Cellex C is actually the latest thing to hit the cellulite reduction market.

After I look into it a while, I finally decide to give this product a try, primarily because a) I liked the name and b) it seemed to stand out a bit from the pack.


Two words -- Joan Collins.

Not sure what she really has to do with effective Cellulite removal, but hey, I have always been a sucker for celebrity endorsements.

To be clear, Cellex C is actually the brand name of a line of health and beauty products and their cellulite specific cream, Cellulite Smoothing Complex, contains jaunty things like water lilies eucalyptus and peppermint oil.

Yes, I know, it doesn't have any of the ingredients I researched for effective cellulite reduction, but hey--they do have Joan Collins as a spokeswoman, I mean, come on!

This product set me back $55 dollars, but I was a woman on a mission, so I was sparing no expense (that and well, my boyfriend forgot my Valentines day present, so he made it up to me by purchasing the Cellex C Smoothing Complex )...

4 weeks in and nothing--they say wait 5-8 weeks, but I think that is just the manufacturers way of keeping you hooked until you realize on the umpteenth hour that it isn't working.

So far for me, Cellex C has been yet another disappointment, but I am not giving up, in fact, I think I have a cousin who owes me some money, so I may be able to finagle a brand new cellulite product out of him...

In the meantime, check out Cellex C's Cellulite Solution at at: www.cellex-c.com