Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Product Review: Revitol

After letting go of my initial disappointment with Bodyshape, I plunked down a little bit more money and purchased Revitol.

I was especially compelled to buy it based on the company's glowing assertion about their use of all natural ingredients (although I couldn't find the ingredients list on the site), their money back guarantee and pictures of sagging skin that tightened after constant use of the product.

The solution, which can be found here, is fairly inexpensive comparatively speaking, at a cost of forty bucks ( without shipping and handling of course). As I often do, I rush ordered it, but had to wait a few days after my rash settled to use it.

The smell of Revitol was very comforting, but after a couple of weeks, I didn't see any real improvement. Now I know most companies tell you that you won't see a remarkable change occur quickly, but in my mind, you would start to see something.

I began to feel as if I was using a rather expensive lotion.

I won't lie-- Revitol does leave your legs feeling nice and silky, but so does less expensive lotions.

But, as I said, maybe it is just me and I am being impatient, but I think I will move on...however, I am a very picky consumer, and this product could work for someone else.

Women who are curious about Revitol's cellulite solution can visit : for further info.