Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I turned a friend on to RevitaShape

My friend Nancy knew about my attempts to find a low cost solution for cellulite reduction , but I had no idea she was watching me closely to see what I would discover. That is, until yesterday, when she pulled me aside and outright asked me about what kind of cellulite cream I was using.

Seems she saw me sporting my latest mini skirt and noticed that I had finally won the battle between myself and cellulite.

I never knew Nancy was looking for a way to get rid of cellulite, but then, she was prone to wearing jeans and pants a lot--I never got to see her in anything too revealing. I always thought it was a personal preference issue, but it turns out there were reasons why Nancy was hiding her legs.

For years, Nancy had been looking for a cellulite treatment that would provide real results and nothing had worked, so she had opted to cover the problem up instead.

Well, I gave her the link for RevitaShape and she ordered a tube, just to try out.

Already 4 weeks in and she is realizing some amazing results with Revitashape cellulite cream!

To date, she has ordered another tube of Revitashape, and the two of us are making plans to go shopping for the latest summer fashions, which may include a mini skirt or two!