Thursday, May 29, 2008

RevitaShape Cellulite Cream Rocks

I finally did it!

I finally tracked down a cellulite treatment that truly worked, and right around my birthday to boot! (yes, I am now 27)...

Whoo and hooo!

The stuff is called Revitashape Anti Cellulite Cream and I am not kidding you when I say it is nothing short of a miracle in a tube!

As you all know, trying to find a cellulite cream that will truly get rid of cellulite was not easy. There were numerous cellulite creams on the market, many of which promised to be the end all cure for what ailed me.

I tried Murad, Bodyshape, Revitol, Cellulean and even the more expensive Cellex C ($125.00) and none of them worked.

My final Hallelujah came in the shape of Revitashape!

The RevitaShape ingredients list was extremely impressive, so I decide to give it a whirl, besides, it was fairly inexpensive as well.

Well they say it could take six weeks to see real cellulite reduction results, but I was able to get rid of cellulute in less than three!

I mean, the actual orange peel texture is going away...

I am ecstatic! What a great birthday gift to myself!

I will surely write more about this fabulous cellulite cream in the weeks to come as I continue to use it.

As for now, I think I am going to put on a pair of shorts and tank top--something I haven't done in years!


I urge you to take a look at the official RevitaShape site and find out for yourself what RevitaShape can do for you!

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Justin said...

My advice in order to get rid of cellulite is that you should use some cellulite solution correlated with fitness and a balanced diet.