Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I Bought Murad Cellulite solution!

I took the plunge and decided to buy the Murad cellulite solution set.

When I saw that it had arrived by courier today (rush delivery) I actually squealed like my Little girl does when she is going to get a treat!

When I finally saw the set however, I was a little disappointed.

I mean, a lot of the stuff is far smaller than I imagined (like the body firming cream) and it did seem as if all of the the products in the container (a nice zipper pouch) was a bit bigger by the pictures.

You would expect something far more, shall we say, substantial in size for eighty bucks, however, that is the danger of but yinh online.

Well, supposedly, a little goes a long way ( the Murad cellulite solution set should last six to eight if I am careful).

The stuff smells pretty okay, nothing uber fancy, but that's all right, I don't need frills so long as the product works.

I think I am going to give Murad cellulite Solution the 6- 8 weeks test (until it runs out at least) to see if it works okay, I mean, I should see some kind of results by then, right?

I'll check back with you after that time has elapsed...until then, keep your fingers crossed.