Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Caffeine For Cellulite Reduction

When I first learned that caffeine could effectively reduce cellulite, I was ecstatic. I just love a good ole cup a of java, especially on my morning commutes, and if said cup could get rid of leg dimples all the better!

My balloon of happiness was later deflated however, when I discovered that actually drinking coffee of caffeinated sodas may increase risks of obtaining cellulite.

Eee gads. Talk about a buzz kill..

See, caffeine only works to eradicate cellulite when applied topically, and in conjunction with other ingredients.

In other words, pouring coffee on your tights won't work, and may end up being rather painful.

Further research and prodding revealed that the caffeine that is utilized in some topical creams and ointments work by tightening the top layers of the skin. It may also reduce some of the actual fat cells. This is usually a temporary fix, which is why it is essential to find a product with more key cellulite reduction ingredients in them.

I also found out that daily applications of products with caffeine in them could keep cellulite at bay, if you use the right combination of botanical agents with it...

What ingredients work best with caffeine? We'll discuss that in a new post...ciao for now,