Friday, January 25, 2008

Seaweed For Cellulite Reduction

When I think of seaweed I think of that tasty green stuff that encircles my favorite bits of sushi, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that it could be used for cellulite reduction!

Apparently, people have been using seaweed in a bid to get rid of orange peel thighs for decades! Even the ancient Chinese herbalists knew that sea weed could be utilized for health and beauty purposes, which si where we get many of these ideas from.

Now, for clarification purposes, seaweed isn't really a weed per se, but rather, a grouping of wide sea algae. The marine algae called Bladderwrack is the most common variety and is primarily used in the cosmetic industry. It is also considered an herb that effectively fights and burns fat, creating a sort of natural lyposis.

Now, as we stated before, caffeine also fights fat...thee two items together should then be the ultimate fat busting duo!

But are there even more items that a woman can turn to in her bid to find the perfect answer to all natural cellulite reduction?

Indeed, and I will keep digging into them to telly you what I was able to uncover in the next few posts.