Sunday, February 3, 2008

Kukui Nut Oil for Cellulite Reduction

Okay so, the next item on my cellulite adventure action list is Kukui nut oil, a name I ran across on my quest to find the most talked about ingredients when it comes to cellulite reduction.

I learned that Kukui nuts grow on, of all things, kukui tree and that they come from come from Hawaii.

The oil has many uses, but when it comes to cellulite, it appears that the nut may actually stimulate the production of collagen. Because collagen enhances the skin's own natural elasticity, it may plump and firm indented areas so that the surface skin area starts to look and feel more smooth.

It is also a very light oil which doesn't leave behind a greasy feeling, so it helps other, more active cellulite reduction ingredients to get past the upper dermal layers of the skin. These essential ingredients can then work where they are most needed--in the fatty deposits beneath the skin.

This new discovery made me more than a little curious about he remaining ingredients I wanted to research--so far, I was beginning to believe it would be wholly possible to gather a bunch of herbs and oils that would create the perfect cellulite treatment.

I even toyed with he possibility if getting this stuff and making my very own treatment, but I will set that idea on the back burner for now as I find out even more info on the remaining cellulite reduction ingredients...