Friday, February 15, 2008

Green Tea Extract for Cellulite Reduction

I am sure that everyone and their Mom has heard about green tea extract and it's ability to reduce fat. I am no exception to that rule, but I have always been skeptical about claims that it could really help get rid of cellulite.

After doing some real in depth research, I am now a believer!

Green tea, which can also make black tea, (both are faves of mine) has an active alkaloid called Theobromine in it. This alkaloid has been scientifically proven to create a lyposis type reaction, effectively reducing fat.

Green tea is also an anti-inflammatory, which again, aids in actual cellulite reduction.

Although I am a big tea drinker, drinking the alone is not effective--rather, once has to actually utilize the extract which is far more potent than what can be found in tea leaves.

So, now that i have reviewed the top five ingredients for cellulite reduction, I will now seek out products that have these items in them. In this way, I feel I will finally uncover a product that does what it claims to do--reduce cellulite for good!

This is where I will get into the nitty gritty of my research--this is gonna be fun!