Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Years Resolution? Research Anti-Cellulite Ingredients

With Christmas come and gone and New Years partying out of my system, I decide it is time to once more to begin my pursuit of the ever elusive perfect cellulite reduction creams!

As those who have been following this blog know, I tried Murad Cellulite Solution, and after paying 80 dollars (*moan*), I became a bit gun shy about purchasing a new product.

That's when I decided to approach the hunt a different way by finding out about all of the top, well researched, clinically proven and viable anti-cellulite ingredients out there.

If I can uncover what has been proven to reduce cellulite, then I may be able to find something that really works.

Sounds all scientific doesn't it.

It took some digging, but I was finally able to compile a list of anti-cellulite ingredients. Many of them are most often used by major manufacturers of cellulite reduction products because of their ability to provide real results.

A list of the more popular and mainstream anti-cellulite ingredients were:

*Kukui nut oil
*Green tea extract

Each one of these anti-cellulite ingredients have their own special and unique properties that aid in breaking up cellulite so that the body can get rid of it.

We will discuss each ingredient at length in the weeks to come as I do further research on them!