Sunday, September 16, 2007

Laser Treatment For Cellulite

I recently ran across an article on laser treatment for cellulite, and while it sounds cutting edge and somewhat Star-Warsy, I do have to say that what I learned freaked me out a bit.

First of all, in almost all cases, they roll this massage over your body, I suppose in an effort to break up the fat, and it doens't sound none too pleasant. The process, called, is supposed to make laser treatment for cellulite all the more successful.

Bah humbug if you ask me.

Besides which, enough research hasn't been done in regards to long term effects of the laser procedure, and I don't know about you guys, but I tend to like to take a wait and see approach with new technologies--let others offer to be guinea pigs--I'll wait to see what happens when the dust settles.

It is also very expensive, which is so not good on a paralegals budget. Besides, a gals gotta eat and feed her wee young ones!

Also, it may take more than one supposed "treatment" before it works.

I can't afford for that not to work the first time.

Man -- trying to figure out ways to reduce cellulite is proving to be a challenge, but I am not giving up yet!